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Program introduction
Programsteps in detail
Installation of FFChooser (for Pre-Install-Images,...)
Customization of FFChooser

Program introduction

FFChooser is a small Windows-Program which can be used in Pre-Install-Images. When doing so it will be started at the first start of the computer and shows the user the advantages of Mozilla Firefox (look at screenshot!). If the user wants so, he can tell the program to download and install the newest version of Mozilla Firefox or to use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

No matter what the user desices, FFChooser won't be startet (or annoies) the user again.



It is very easy to add a new language to FFChooser. All you have to do is to create a small language-file. Here you can see the english language file for example.

This is the format of the language file
  1. Language-Code in the format: [<ISO-LANGUAGE-CODE>-<SUBCODES>], SUBCODES are not neccessary. i.E. [EN] or [DE-CH]
  2. Language in the format: <LANGUAGE IN NATIONAL LANGUAGE> / <LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH>, i.E. Deutsch / German
  3. Button-Label of "More Info..."
  4. Button-Label of "Yes, install Firefox"
  5. Button-Label of "No, use Internet-Explorer"
  6. Link which will be shown when the user clicks "More Info..."
  7. Message like "Please wait, Firefox-Setup runs..."
  8. Error-Message: "Currently there is no internetaccess possible. Please enter the corresponding proxy-server-settings"
  9. Error-Message: "Attention! The program must exit because there are no controlfiles accessable through the internet!"
  10. Message: "Please enter data for your proxy-server:"
  11. Combined labels for Setup-Screen, delimited by "|": Proxy-Server|Port|Username|Password
  12. Link where Firefox-Setup (latest version and selected language!!) can be downloaded
  13. the text at here (more than one line!!) will be shown in the window and should the user tell the advantages of firefox


Programsteps in detail

The program, that FFChooser follows, looks like this:
  1. Tries if the language information (langs.cfg) is available through internet
  2. If not, FFChooser tries to open the local file FFChooser.msg (same directory as FFChooser.exe) and get the language-information out of this file
  3. If the language information is not available through internet nother than the local file FFChooser.msg the setup-screen will be shown to the user
  4. If the user cancels the setupwindow and no language information is available, a warning is shown and if confirmed by the user FFChooser will exit
  5. If the user enters proxy-data, FFChooser tries to get langs.cfg through the internet. If this is not possible, an error-message is shown.
  6. FFChooser tries to evaluate the language of the OS and tries to show the information in that language.
  7. If the language was not found, English is the default language
  8. If the user clicks on "More info..." the mozilla-homepage (or: the link within the language-config-file) will be shown in the current language
  9. If the user clicks on "No, use Internet-Explorere" FFChooser will just exit
  10. If the user clicks on "Yes, install Firefox" these steps will be executed:
    1. FFChooser checks the internet-connection. if successfull, FireFox-Setup will be downloaded from the Internet
    2. If no internet-connection is possible, FFChooser searches FirefoxSetup.EXE within the same dir as FFChooser.exe was started.
    3. If no Firefox-Setup was found, the Setup-Screen will be shown and asks the user for proxy-information.
    4. Firefox-Setup will be launched in the Unattendend-Mode
    5. Finally Firefox will be launched


Installation of FFChooser (for Pre-Install-Images,...)

FFChooser can be installed in 2 ways:
  1. Starting whith the parameter "install" ("FFChooser install")
  2. Hitting the key "i" when FFChooser runs
In both ways, the following steps will be executed:
  1. The directory C:\Program Files\FFChooser will be created
  2. copies FFChooser.EXE to this directory
  3. copies FFChooser.MSG to this directory, if found
  4. copies FirefoxSetup.exe to this directory, if found
  5. copies vendorsettings.cfg to this directory, if found
  6. Creates the entry FFChooser at registry-key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce
    These causes that FFChooser will be launced exactly one time after the next reboot and after that no more.


Customization of FFChooser

FFChooser can be customized (very less!!). It is possible to create a vendorsettings.cfg-file.
Currently these parameters are supported: