Howto create a new language-file

Small howto written by the creator of FFChooser
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This howto should show how to create a new language-file (for a language which FFChooser currently not supports) which could be uploaded to the FFChooser-Web-Configuration by sending it to the creator of FFChooser, fungus75 at

More info can be found here.

Step one, download english sample and edit it

It is very easy to add a new language to FFChooser. All you have to do is to create a small language-file. Here you can see the english language file for example.

This is the format of the language file
  1. Language-Code in the format: [<ISO-LANGUAGE-CODE>-<SUBCODES>], SUBCODES are not neccessary. i.E. [EN] or [DE-CH] but specify special regional dialects.
  2. Language in the format: <LANGUAGE IN NATIONAL LANGUAGE> / <LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH>, i.E. Deutsch / German
  3. Button-Label of "More Info..."
  4. Button-Label of "Yes, install Firefox"
  5. Button-Label of "No, use Internet-Explorer"
  6. Link which will be shown when the user clicks "More Info..."
  7. Message like "Please wait, Firefox-Setup runs..."
  8. Error-Message: "Currently there is no internetaccess possible. Please enter the corresponding proxy-server-settings"
  9. Error-Message: "Attention! The program must exit because there are no controlfiles accessable through the internet!"
  10. Message: "Please enter data for your proxy-server:"
  11. Combined labels for Setup-Screen, delimited by "|": Proxy-Server|Port|Username|Password
  12. Link where Firefox-Setup (latest version and selected language!!) can be downloaded
  13. the text at here (more than one line!!) will be shown in the window and should the user tell the advantages of firefox


Step two, test your language-file

To test your language-File, rename it to "FFChooser.msg" and place it into the same directory as FFChooser.exe lies. Now start FFChooser.exe and add the parameter "local". Please note, this will only work if you are using FFChooser v0.99 or higher.

When using this parameter, FFChooser first tries to get the language-file locally, only if this not works, he asks for a proxy and tries to get the language-information out of the internet.

Mayby it is easier for you if you create a small batch-file which starts ffchooser with the right parameter, so please create a file named "FFChooser.cmd" with this content:
FFChooser.exe local
Now just start this Batch-File to test your new "language-file".


Step three, upload your langugage-file

Just send your file to fungus75 at